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Hello dear readers of our website. Engineer Oscar Granda greets you from the great land of the Incas, Peru. As you can see, I am a person very passionate about the things we can do ourselves. In fact, all artificial things on our planet earth have been manufactured by other human beings. In this sense, we are able to understand the operation of these devices in order to modify them, adapt them, repair them, etc. My team and I are pleased to build this website, make it grow and update it with increasingly interesting articles, with the hope that they can give you practical ideas that can be useful in your daily life. It only remains for me to thank all the visitors to our website very much for their attention and I hope that you greatly enjoy reading the articles of interest to you.

Eng. Oscar Granda (DNI 09862478)

Tel: +511-997124151; Email: ogranda@gmail.com

Parque Miguel Dasso 235, Lima-Perú

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