35 Cleaning tips and tricks will make your life a lot easier

One of the most important parts of taking good care of the house is cleaning

Clean your brooms | toilet cleaning hacks:

To keep your kitchen clean, use one of the easiest kitchen cleaning hacks.

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Clean your sofa| spring cleaning hacks:

Use the dish soap and a cotton towel to remove stains from your sofa.

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Keeping iron pan clean | cleaning hacks:

To keep iron pans clean, use sea salt instead of dish soap.

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Kitchen cleaning hacks for a cabinet:

Use dishwashing brush to keep stains off the cabinet doors.

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How to clean blinds | house cleaning hacks:

Soak a sock in water and vinegar and then use it to remove the dust from the blinds.

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Useful oven cleaning hacks:

Use baking soda and vinegar with soap to remove grease from the oven.

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Cleaning your dryer:

Use your vacuum to suck all the dirt out of the dryer.

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Clean laptop:

Use coffee paper instead of cloth to clean your laptop

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Magnetic cloth:

The magnetic cloth is the best thing to clean the bookshelves.

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Keep your desk clean:

Make sure your entire desk is clean to make sure you can work in peace.

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Baking soda for sink:

To keep your sink clean, use baking soda with soap.

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Keep your fridge accessories clean:

Baking soda can also be used to clean the fridge accessories.

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Steam off the stain:

Remove stubborn carpet stains using some steam from the iron.

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Clean your blender:

Add some water and dish soap to the blender and clean it by pressing the start button.

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Vinegar as bathroom cleaner:

Take some dish soap and vinegar to clean the stains from the bathroom tiles.

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Clean your closet from inside:

Always clean your closet from inside to keep it bacteria free.

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Keep lint roller close:

One of the best cleaning hacks is to use the lint roller to clean the shades.

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Clean your washer:

Another great tip is to use vinegar and baking soda to clean the washer.

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Clean your bed:

Use your vacuum to clean all the dust and bacteria from your bed.

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Clean the baseboards:

The baseboards are often neglected and it is always a good idea to clean them.

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Keep the garage clean:

Dedicate a day to the thorough cleaning of your garage.

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Use brush for bathroom accessorize:

Use a toothbrush to keep the bathroom accessorize clean.

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Clean the attic:

Just like other rooms of your house, your attic needs cleaning as well.

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Clean the bulb:

Just like other things, it is important that you clean your bulbs every once in a while.

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Clean your stove:

Take some sea salt and use it to clean your stove.

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Glass cooktops:

For glass cooktops are best cleaned with the baking soda.

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Clean stainless steel:

Cream of tartar is known as a secret ingredient to clean the stainless steel.

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Wooden cutting board:

To clean wooden cutting board, rub the lemon all over it before washing it with warm water.

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Clean bathroom seat:

Use a screwdriver to clean your bathroom seat.

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Clean pillows in the washer:

Every once in a while, clean your pillows in the washer overnight.

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Keep the windows clean:

Take some baking soda and vinegar to keep your windows clean all the time.

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Multiuse of coke:

Use coke to clean their bathroom. It works best as a bathroom cleaner.

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Best use of nozzles:

Put nozzles on the vacuum to make sure it reaches all tiny places.

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How to clean a leather sofa?

Use some olive oil to make your leather sofa good as new.

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Hair dryer to the rescue:

Have stubborn stains on wood? Use a hairdryer to remove them with ease.

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Learn to donate:

Donate things you don’t use anymore.

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Remove grease:

To remove the grease from clothes, rub some chalk on the stain.

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Keep curtains clean:

Don’t forget to clean your bathroom curtains in the washer.

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Freshen your bathroom wand:

Add some pine sol to your bathroom wand to make it smell fresh.

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Clean vent cover:

Put the vent cover in dishwasher to clean all the dirt and dust from it.