Temporary Wall Decoration Ideas

Temporary Wall Decoration Ideas

Temporary Wall Decoration Ideas
Temporary Wall Decoration Ideas

There is no doubt it is better to live in the place that you like.In the place that you enjoy being at.

It is scientifically proved that if you feel comfortable then you will be more inspired for work and creation, you will fulfill all the tasks that you need eagerly. A home is a place where you feel comfortable and safe, a place where you want to come back to every time you are out. It is the place where you feel the most inspired, where you take your life energy from. Then such place can truly be called home. If you live in a such place then you are lucky. But there are also people who are less lucky in this life.

I mean people who have to rent an apartment or house. It can be a student, a young couple or you need to temporarily live in a new city. The main point is that this place is a temporarily lodging for you and sooner or later you will have to say good-bye to it. I have a feeling that the owners of the place will not be happy if one day they come for a regular payment or just a check and find that you made certain changes or improvement to their place. Does it mean that there is no way for you to decorate a rented apartment and make it feel like home? No, it doesn’t. There is a way to make a place look cozy and owners stay in peace. Just apply temporary decorations on the house’s walls. They will express your character and mood and will not damage the surface. So once you need to leave you can take them with you or simply send to the trash.

Make your wall bright by using all colors of the rainbow on it! Decorate it with lots of colored paper cubics. If you have lots of pictures or photos out them on display on the wall!

green dyed wall

green dyed wall

a process of painting a wall in the green

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temporary wall coverage

temporary wall coverage

a way to paint your wall temporarily

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striped wall covering

striped wall covering

cute striped wall covering for a girl room

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idea for wall decoration

idea for wall decoration

white and orange wall decoration

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striped wall decor

striped wall decor

white and black stripes with picture on the wall

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