Cute Ideas for your Bathroom

Cute Ideas for your Bathroom

If you decided to upgrade your home interior then you need to know the following.

Every room in your house is unique.And int needs special attention. Let us consider decoration of the bathroom. Every person uses bathroom at least twice a day: in the morning after we just woke up and before going to bed. Regular activities that we do there are washing face, brushing teeth and taking a shower. If you are a lady then you have more things to do and consequently spend more time in the bathroom. If a person works from home or it is a weekend then he or she will probably visit bathroom more than twice a day.That’s why it is important to keep your bathroom clean and tidy. Some people say, that it even needs to be sterilized like an operation room in the hospital. Besides, everything needs to look nice and organized. Before starting to make an improvement of this room with your own hands, you need to choose the design that you like. It doesn’t necessarily need to coincide with the overall house design. You can apply classical variant based or the sea or river motives. Add blue color, some seashells, paint or glue sea stars on the walls. The other possible variant is to turn bathroom into a garden by putting flower pots and adding green color. It will be a cozy fairy-tale place, especially in winter when we miss hot sunny days so much.

Whatever you choose you need to take in account special conditions that exist in a bathroom. I am talking about higher level of moisture, rapid rise and fall of temperatures when someone is taking shower and also a possibility of gel or soap getting on a furniture and wall surface.

Remember that in bathroom design functionality needs to interlace with a beauty. I am sure that following ideas will give you inspiration for creating a unique appearance in your bathroom.

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sea bathroom shelves

sea bathroom shelves

decorate bathroom shelves with sea stars and flowers

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sea towel hanger

sea towel hanger

rope hanger for bathroom towels

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beach bathroom sign

beach bathroom sign

way to the beach from the bathroom

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sea bathroom decoration

sea bathroom decoration

sand, sea star and candle in the glass

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fantasy bathroom decoration

fantasy bathroom decoration

bathroom decoration from a fairy tale

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