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Neighbor Throws Neglected Desk Out On The Curb, Then Mom Transforms It Into A Beautiful Vanity

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I gladly accepted this old vanity set because I knew I could turn this into an elite furniture piece.

Old work desk to be transformed into an elite furniture piece

Retail Furniture. One word. Expensive! That’s why I decided to make 

 something  on my own. Today, we will be refurbishing old furniture that could even be showcase worthy.

I was blessed to locate an ill-assorted collection of a vanity table, amirror. Ialso foundan old stool and desk. I have always been on the lookout for any disposable furniture, of any kind! WhenI see anything old, I feel like it’s my duty to make surethat absolutely nothing canbe salvagedbefore it leaves my sight. I realize that my diligence has definitely paid off handsomely.It’s something that I’vemastered because of my need to stay busy and maybe earn a little more income.

So with all of my new found furniture, I started the rebirthing process. Get yourself an electric sanding tool for big jobs like this, because it’ll take way too long to do it by hand and you probablydon’t want that to happen.

Have a clearidea for the furniture that you want to refurbish, take a look around. Maybe you’ll generate some ideas at furniture stores.You can even check out websites that specialize in themand get some more ideas.

Then, you choose the right paints to go with your ideas. Get somestains andaccessories for the job. If you need a little something else to complete the project (Ineeded drawers and got them from another old piece of furniture) visit some garage sales, ask around and see what people are willing to part with.

Next, get some fabrics. For furniture fabric, you can get them from ahardware store or order themonline using coupons. Fins ways to put them together so that it matches your likes and needs. Make it a little piece of you at home.These projects are fun to do and are greatly satisfying when complete.

Great looking, quality furniture is expensive to buy, I endeavor to make my own, so there is no reason why you can’t be successful too!

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