Vintage Chic Decor Ideas

Vintage Chic Decor Ideas

Vintage Chic Decor Ideas
Vintage Chic Decor Ideas

Ladies are attracted to chic decor things.They will never stop being popular.Classic and retro things will always live and be fashionable in home design. Moreover, such decorations can be obtained easily. You may repurpose something that you have already but don’t use anymore, you may get something from your friends or from the flea market. Such decorations can be made both by the beginners and professionals, they can beauty up both your outdoor space and indoor area (living room, bedroom, kitchen to bathroom). They will serve you for a long time since such design is timeless and when decorations get shabby they will still look great.

The fastest way is to repurpose old glass jars and bottles. Take a piece of a rug, put it on the bottle and tie it up with the cute ribbon. The other easy thing you can do with bottles and jars is to dye them and decorate with flowers. The colors and way of dying is up to you, make it look peaceful or rebellious on the contrary.

If you have furniture that is starting to look shabby because its dye starts to fade away, don’t rush to throw it away and replace with a new one. You can easily turn traces of tearing out into cool looking retro thing. You can apply this idea to the fridge, wardrobe or shelves. If you had something like this happened to the wooden furniture than there is a cool idea how to make it look like it came from the previous century. Apply some vinegar to it and wait for some time. You will not be able to tell whether you bought it a few years ago or receive as a heritage from your granny! If you have old letters then they will definitely add a unique chic touch to your design. Dry some pretty flowers and decorate a living or bedroom with them!

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