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Smart Home Ideas. | Turning A Plain Laundry Basket Into A Decorative Storage Basket.

I will be the first to admit that laundry hampers are uninspiring, but these smart home ideas will help you transform the boring into an upscale piece of productive furniture! I had little to no respect for these flimsy, plastic baskets that broke the minute you had a massive laundry load to get done until I figured out how to make the item more durable and pleasant to look at for a change. The simple home decoration was coming to life with some rope, fabric, scissors and a trusty glue gun. That is the gist of your material list, no lie!

So come with and humor me and my hippie home decorating ideas that will make you “blah” basket into a “whoa there” piece. I don’t want to continue to say laundry basket because after you put your time and effort into the makeover, you can use it for ANYTHING. Okay, without much delay let us begin! Firstly find some space to work, I opted for the floor because my basket was a short one and I wanted to preserve my back. Now that we are comfortable, we can begin the real work. Get your fabric out and push the printed side up into the basket to see how much material you will have to cut off to fold it over neatly on the sides. Next, apply the glue using your glue gun to the solid circular base of the basket and put the fabric in again as before only this time it will not move. After this is completed, turn the basket on the side and apply the glue to the rim of the basket, small parts at a time and fold the top piece of the cloth over the edge. Go right around until there is no more basket visible and only fabric. Time to put our rope on the body of the basket and I should tell you that this is not easy to do because of how light and bendable the plastic is, not to mention the vast gaps right? Take your time and work the rope right around the basket until you get to the rim. The finale is up to you, some of us DIYers stop here, some of us fancy ones add lace piping which is what I did, and my basket was so fresh I refused to put dirty laundry in it. I put the folded clean clothes in it now! [/read]


15. creative home ideas. | Rope, laundry basket, fabric and glue gun on deck.

This decorative basket must be my most creative home ideas project yet!. I have my rope, fabric, glue gun and plain laundry basket ready for this diy.

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