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Neighbor Throws Neglected Desk Out On The Curb, Then Mom Transforms It Into A Beautiful Vanity

Retail Furniture. One word. Expensive! That’s why I decided to make 

 something on my own. Today, we will be refurbishing old furniture that could even be showcase worthy. I was blessed to locate an ill-assorted collection of a vanity table, a mirror. I also found an old stool and desk. I have always been on the lookout for any disposable furniture, of any kind! WhenI see anything old, I feel like it’s my duty to make sure that absolutely nothing can be salvaged before it leaves my sight. I realize that my diligence has definitely paid off handsomely. It’s something that I’ve mastered because of my need to stay busy and maybe earn a little more income. 

So with all of my new found furniture, I started the rebirthing process. Get yourself an electric sanding tool for big jobs like this, because it’ll take way too long to do it by hand and you probably don’t want that to happen.

Have a clear idea for the furniture that you want to refurbish, take a look around. Maybe you’ll generate some ideas at furniture stores. You can even check out websites that specialize in them and get some more ideas.

Then, you choose the right paints to go with your ideas. Get something and accessories for the job. If you need a little something else to complete the project (I needed drawers and got them from another old piece of furniture) visit some garage sales, ask around and see what people are willing to part with.

Next, get some fabrics. For furniture fabric, you can get them from a hardware store or order them online using coupons. Fins ways to put them together so that it matches your likes and needs. Make it a little piece of you at home. These projects are fun to do and are greatly satisfying when complete.

Great looking, quality furniture is expensive to buy, I endeavor to make my own, so there is no reason why you can’t be successful too!

Old work desk to be transformed into an elite furniture piece

I gladly accepted this old vanity set because I knew I could turn this into an elite furniture piece.

Decor home ideas using this old vanity table set

I was looking at this vanity table that was thrown out and I figured that I might be able to change this beat up piece of furniture into something stunning again!

Changing furniture parts for the work desk using the drawers of this old dresser

I had this old dresser in storage because I felt that I could use and change out the furniture parts for projects like this one, where I need some to add some drawers to the work desk.

ID: 268

Changing Furniture from old into new

I had to take the mirror off of the vanity in order to start preparing the parts for sanding etc. I really wanted to take my time with it because this part of the vanity table would be on full display and changing furniture from old to new takes concentration and grit!

ID: 269

How to remove furniture polish build up from the work desk

To remove furniture polish build up from the work desk, I plugged in my sanding tool and gently moved in small circles until all of the polish was gone I got my little helper to work with me on this part of the task and he was such a big help.

ID: 270

Recycle old furniture for free like my chest of drawers

I started chipping off all of the designs that were on the drawers that I got from the chest of drawers I had in storage, these drawers would be used to give the refurbished desk some new storage space. This is how I would recommend everyone recycle old furniture, use the parts if you can’t use the whole thing!

ID: 271

Furniture cleaner and a quick stain on the vanity table

I had my mom help out and use a simple furniture cleaner and then a quick stain to repair and hide any imperfections like cracks and scratches in the wood. There weren’t many so she didn’t have too much concealing to do.

ID: 272

Elaine furniture designing features on the vanity drawers

Elaine furniture designs on the drawers for the vanity table were exquisite! She used a pastel green colored paint to give the drawers an antique look.

ID: 273

Cleaning fabric furniture on sitting stool

My first decision was to clean the fabric that was already on the stool, but it turns out cleaning fabric furniture that has been exposed to the elements for so long is just a waste of time. Plan B.

ID: 274

Furniture repair and upholstery

So I ripped the layers off of the stool and set out the furniture repair and upholstery materials. I wanted something that would be brighter and I wanted the stool to have more foam and not only look cushy but BE cushy!

ID: 275

Furniture set up for calligraphy theme

I wanted to do something different for this old desk turned vanity table, so I had some caligraphy engraved onto the face of the table and then painted a metallic gold (just the wording). The calligraphy furniture set up would be so worth it when all these individual pieces come together!

ID: 276

Thinking about creating a furniture line of vanity tables!

Look at the detail on that table! Who would know what that once was? I am seriously thinking about creating a furniture line of vanity tables like this (providing I get more thrown out desks) and maybe selling a couple, I don’t think that it would be too ambitious to pursue this right?

ID: 277

All furniture services done by us!

I took a picture of the entire room so you all can really appreciate how it just fits right in that space, the desk looks amazing with the new drawers and the vintage paint job. I want to emphasize that all of the furniture services of cleaning, painting, sanding, assembling were done by yours truly,

ID: 278

Bedroom furniture pieces

We put the refurbished bedroom furniture pieces into the girls’ room since the entire look gave off a princess aura! I knew that they would cherish this ethereal creation more than the boys!

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