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Diy Home Ideas Repurposing Your Old Landline Phones!

Ilove diy home ideas that incorporate items that I already possess or can possess

usingĀ  the cheapest route (diy dollar store home decor). Some home decor articles suggested reusing old rotary phones as receptacles for fake plants and flowers, so I figured since I was done with my holiday home decorating ideas I can turn my attention to some succulents and artificial flower arrangements.

The first thing I did was find a couple of rotary phones; there was some beautiful home decorating blogs that showcased the pastel colored ones, alas I couldn’t see any for my diy project. Nonetheless, I used my regular beige colored phone and set to work. I bought the succulents, flowers, and moss (loose and styrofoam blocks) from the dollar store for about three dollars.

The home decorating company couldn’t do this project better than I could at the moment, but that’s just me being full of myself (laughs).

I took all the hardware out of the phone, which includes the keypad, and any metal that was inside of the phone that helped it work.

Now that was completed I needed to glue a cardboard base to the bottom of the phone for support since I removed everything from the phone and created a shell. After that phone gutting was done, I took the moss-covered styrofoam and measured the amount that would fit into the keypad space snugly.

Next step was to start putting in my succulents and flowers, some of the wire stems had to be cut because they were just too long for the look that I wanted for this arrangement. It was that simple! If you think that your flower arrangement looks sparse or shifty, add some of the loose moss as a filler to the spaces that are glaringly obvious and voila! You just turned your dull, useless phone into a thing of beauty!


15. These are the crafts that I want to show you how to make today!

So DIY crafts for home decor shouldn’t be intimidating. Especially for those of us who can’t keep our plants alive!

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